Welcome to McAllister's Cyberspace Iris Garden

My name is Sharon McAllister.  If you read iris society publications, like those of AIS, ASI, HIPS, MIS, and SIGNA, you may recognize my byline.  If you're familiar with arilbreds, you've undoubtedly seen some of my introductions.  Fifty years after I made my first crosses, I'm still here -- but my iris gardens now exist only in cyberspace. 

This site is being completely remodeled.  The emphasis is on hybridizing, so you'll find that most of the photos here are of my own seedlings and introductions and the foundation stock I've used.  To see the remodeled portions, click on New Site.

As remodeling progresses, more sections will be included in the new, easier-to-use navigation structure.  In the meantime, you can get to the remaining raw material by clicking on Old Site and using the links you find there. 

My selected seedlings are now with Vern & Dana Brown in Lubbock, TX.   To see their online catalog, just click on Malevil Iris Gardens